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We have put our GoPro cameras in terrible places. Scraping the pavement on race tracks. Jumping out of planes. Crashing into everything. So we decided to invent a device that would record GPS, g-force, temperature and altitude data right on the GoPro. Being able to represent the torture with hard data was our goal but it had to be easy to use. No additional batteries or memory cards. Dropgage clips onto the back of the GoPro and data is married to the video. When you're done shooting a heads-up display of your data is just one click away. A truly plug-and-play solution for the camera you already own. We've been designing Dropgage for two years and have real beta units, a plan to manufacture quickly and a bunch of answers to the questions you might have. See below.



Your GoPro is now equipped with a ridiculously accurate GPS.  Position data is updated 10 times a second and instant-on tech locks onto 66 channels of satellite data in seconds.  Point the Dropgage at the sky, wait for the green light and you’re ready to record video.  From now on you’ll know where and how fast your GoPro went.



Jumping off something?  Flying through the air?  Heading down the mountain?  Your personal altimeter will record heart racing decent until touchdown.  Calculate grade, vertical feet traveled or bragging rights for who was the highest.



Have you ever tried to sync the video of two cameras?  What about 20?  Without sync’d time-of-day timecode on every camera, the editor has a very terrible job ahead of her.  No more.  GPS-enabled timecode is striped on every frame.  Sync for all.



The earth sucks.  Why not know how much?  Luck favors the prepared and you need to know how hard you’re hitting the corners so you can do it just a little faster the next time.  (Or slower if you’re scared of your own data.)



You know how people are always talking about how hot or cold they are?  They say things like “It’s hot enough to melt the hinges off of the gates of Hell.”  It’s probably not true but at least now you’ll really know every time you shoot.



Snap the Dropgage onto the back of a GoPro.  It’s the same size as their extended battery or LCD screen.  All data is recorded directly onto the GoPro.  Create a heads-up display in your favorite editor by dragging a plugin onto the clip. There are no additional memory cards to sync up, no batteries to charge.  Easy plug and play dynamic data for the camera you already own.

She is looking up at the wonder that is Dropgage.

Our Team

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    Bill Price

    Founder and Chief Designer

    About Bill Price

    Bill started as a producer at MTV in the 90’s.  He has directed and produced for every single broadcast and cable network on the planet. He leased his first Avid a gazillion years ago and still edits most of his own work to this day.  Celebrities directed to date are: Steve Carell, Steve O, Tori Spelling, Bob Costas, Dan Cortese, Tim McGraw, Ashley Tisdale, Bruce Dern, John Turturro, Howard Stern, Andy Dick, Debbie Harry, Robert Klein, Joe Rogan and Mark Wahlberg.  He is self taught in the arts of electronic and software design.  Dropgage was born out of a desire to make GoPro cameras painless to use during a professional television production.  Here’s a link to his other career.

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